Finally, an affordable and powerful Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution built for education

Now you can provide MFA for students, staff and faculty for secure application access without blowing your budget

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Discover the easy to use, secure & affordable way to provide MFA for your institution.

Why you need MFA

Passwords are the least secure form of authentication

Even though passwords are the most common form of authentication they are also unfortunately the least secure.  Passwords are easily compromised and are often forgotten.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security.

2FA requires the user to provide two forms of verification to prove that it is the right person accessing the account. This allows us to improve the security of traditional password authentication by adding a second factor to the authentication stage. A combination of any the following types of authentication can be used to provide 2FA.

  • Something you know (e.g password)
  • Something you have (e.g token)
  • Something you are (e.g fingerprint)

Why Choose OvertMFA?

Secure & Affordable

With staff and students requiring access to an ever growing number of systems and cloud-based applications, users find themselves juggling far too many usernames and passwords.

Wouldn’t it be great if your users only had to remember one set of credentials giving them one-click access to all the apps they need, from any device, securely?

At the same time, the institution benefits by helping to reduce helpdesk calls and costs by simply empowering users to reset and manage their own passwords.

Secure your institution with a fresh look at password processes and accountability, all within your Access Management and secure single sign-on environment, with our first class solution.

Every Authentication Method Supported

You can choose to setup any number of authentication methods, the solution is completely customisable.


Use a specialised hardware token such as USB or NFC. FIDO U2F keys can remove the need for passwords.

Key Benefits

  • Hardware Authentication
  • One token for everything
  • Impossible to fake keys
  • Protects against phishing attempts


One Time Passwords (OTP) are unique passwords that are only valid for one session or a very short time period.

Key Benefits

  • Simple & Fast to setup
  • Hardware and Soft Tokens
  • Email & backup codes
  • Use SMS or mobile app, users can use their own phones

Push Auth

Push authentication sends out a push notification to a pre-registered phone providing fast easy access.

Key Benefits

  • Fastest Access
  • Fast to setup
  • No miss entered codes
  • Users can use their own phones

Simple Installation with Great Support

You can choose to have your Self-Service Password Rest software hosted in a state-of-the art-data centre, or we can install and support onsite or on one of the public clouds (such as Azure, AWS, Google etc...).

Configuration is quick and easy, allowing you to enforce virtually any combination of password rules to ensure compliance with your security policy.

Self Service Password Reset comes with audit event logs for security and troubleshooting purposes, including user activities and system events.

Self Service Password Reset integrates with most enterprise environments that utilise LDAP compliant directories such as Microsoft Active Directory.

OvertMFA Integrates with anything

OvertMFA was built with the education sector in mind. We have made sure that it integrates with all the important applications that you would like to use it with, such as:

Identity Provider

You can integrate OvertMFA into your Identity provider

(such as Shibboleth) this allows you to provide MFA to all of your federated resources and any resources that are protected by your IdP


If you are allowing external users to access your VPN and gain access to your internal network, you want to make sure you make that login as secure as possible. Overt MFA can provide 2FA for your VPN connections.


You are able to provide MFA to your desktops. This allows you to secure access to your local machines so that you can make certain that it is the correct user logging into that machine. 

But that's not all, Overt MFA also integrates with much more, such as:

  • Moodle
  • Wordpress
  • ADFS
  • PAM
  • Apache & NGINX
  • LDAP
  • FreeRadius
  • Your custom application

About Overt Software

Since day one, our ethos of exceptional service and honest expert advice has been at the heart of everything we do. Combine this with our flexible Service Level Agreements, fast resolution times and affordable pricing.

 Our engineers have been providing great support since 2003, giving you peace of mind that you can concentrate on delivering resources to your users whilst leaving the support to us.

Deploy Anywhere

We do not believe in forcing you to host or use the OvertMFA solution in any datacentre. Across all of Overt Software's product range we have an ethos of deploy anywhere. This means that we can deploy OvertMFA either onsite at your organisation, on one of the many public clouds, on our cloud and literally anywhere else!

  • On your own Infrastructure
  • AWS, Azure, Google
  • Third party hosting
  • Overt Software's Cloud

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